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Power up your communication

The best email marketing platform for small businesses

All your email marketing needs in one spot! Whether you’re a one-man show or you’re running a growing business, we have all of the email marketing tools and advanced features needed to make your emails work for your success.

Posta - Email Marketing | Sitesi
Posta - Email Marketing | Sitesi
Posta - Email Marketing | Sitesi
Posta - Email Marketing | Sitesi

Create beautiful, branded emails at the click of a button

Impress, build your brand and earn recipients’ trust with our set of design tools. Create your own designs or use our customisable email templates to easily reach your audience with beautiful and responsive emails.

Email designer

Bring your creativity, we’ll handle the rest. Use our simple and intuitive drag & drop Email Designer for creating beautiful emails that you can save for the future, or code your own template in HTML.

Template gallery

Our diverse collection of ready-to-use templates will help you create beautiful newsletters and other emails in minutes. Just pick a design that suits you and customise it to fit your needs.

Personalisation features

Personalise your emails with your recipients’ information like their name or country, add social media widgets or insert javascript to take full advantage of your email communication.

Send with confidence

We make creating campaigns easy. Our email marketing platform will help you customise every aspect of your email sending, to provide your audience with the content they want when they want it.

Posta - Email Marketing | Sitesi

Campaign creator

Take full control of your email campaign. Easily select your recipients and content, set up A/B tests, and watch as your emails are sent out in real time.

Advanced scheduling options

Create and schedule your emails to make the most out of every campaign thanks to our advanced email marketing software.

Email automations

Set up advanced automation scenarios to make sending emails easy. Visualise your plan, create different rules for different flows and find triggers that fit your strategy.

The Posta Brochure

To learn more about Posta and how it can help you grow your business, download our brochure today.

Posta - Email Marketing | Sitesi
Posta - Email Marketing | Sitesi

Set up powerful email automations

Our state-of-the-art email marketing automation platform will help you create fully automated campaigns based on your audience’s real-time behaviors.

  • Create branching scenarios depending on your recipient’s actions.
  • Schedule follow-up emails.
  • Create multi-step sales funnels.
  • All through a simple, intuitive interface that you can learn in minutes.

cPanel Control Panel

Posta - Email Marketing