Revolutionising Orthodontic Care: Enhanced Digital Experience for ArchformByte

Website Redesign and User Experience Enhancement

At Sitesi, we are proud to unveil the revitalised digital presence of ArchformByte, a distinguished leader in the orthodontic laboratory sector, based in the heart of the UK. With decades of expertise, ArchformByte specialises in manufacturing a comprehensive range of orthodontic appliances essential for patient care. Our collaborative website redesign project introduces a sleek, user-friendly interface and innovative features aimed at enhancing the experience for both the laboratory and its clientele.



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Website Redesign and User Experience Enhancement

Our team at Sitesi focused on creating a modern and intuitive design that aligns with the high standards of ArchformByte’s services. The updated website boasts an enhanced layout and navigation system that simplifies user interaction, making it easier for clinicians to access vital information and resources. With improved aesthetics and functionality, the website now serves as a seamless gateway for clinicians to explore and utilize ArchformByte’s offerings.

New Features and Functionalities

We have integrated several new features into the ArchformByte website, each designed to expand its capabilities and provide additional value to users:

  • Subscription System: A new subscription management feature allows clinicians to subscribe effortlessly to services and products, ensuring they receive updates and deliveries without any hassle.
  • E-commerce Integration: The newly developed shop page facilitates direct purchases of orthodontic supplies by clinicians, equipped with a secure checkout process and user-friendly shopping tools.
  • Landing Pages for Campaigns: Tailored landing pages have been crafted to capture clinician details effectively from e-shots. These pages are optimised for conversion, helping ArchformByte to engage more deeply with their audience.
Enhanced Content and Information Architecture

To ensure that clinicians have access to detailed and updated information, we have meticulously restructured the website’s content architecture. The new design highlights essential information about orthodontic appliances and treatments, supported by high-quality visuals and detailed descriptions. This strategic enhancement aids clinicians in making informed decisions by providing them with all the necessary information in one place.


This transformative project for ArchformByte not only strengthens their position as a leader in the orthodontic industry but also sets a new benchmark for digital innovation in healthcare services. At Sitesi, we continue to commit ourselves to elevate our clients’ digital experiences, driving their growth and success in the digital realm.

Sitesi have been instrumental in upgrading our website, increasing our website traffic and guiding our business to take maximum advantage of our online presence. Can't recommend them highly enough!
Pennie Hudson Ward | Sitesi
Pennie Hudson Ward
Chief Executive, ArchformByte